Do you ever buy programs with the best of intentions and then not complete them?

Or maybe you struggle to implement the strategies even when you genuinely think they will help you?

And does this leave you feeling like you are undisciplined, unmotivated, lack follow through or just plain lazy?

Isn't it infuriating when people say that you just don't want it bad enough...

Or worse, you start telling yourself these things?

The truth is... there is nothing wrong with you. Failing to follow through happens for very specific reasons, and it's time you turned this around so you can guarantee your results when you join a program.

This 30-Day Program will give you small, tiny, microscopic tasks to turn you into an implementing machine.

You will be THE action taker.

You know... that person in your last program who did everything that was asked of her, extra credit, and said it was easy?

That will be you.

Most importantly, when you learn this skill, you will GUARANTEE your results because you can always depend on YOU.

As long as you truly believe the program you are purchasing is the right solution, you will succeed because you will become someone who always follows through and does all that is asked and more.

Week One: The Truth About Failure (so you never fail again)

You are going to learn all about failure. In fact, you and failure are going to become B.F.F.'s and you'll get so sick of her, that you will never ask her to come visit ever again. But you're not just going to learn about failure, you are going to participate in 7 daily tasks that will actually eliminate the chance of failure in the future. Especially with this weight loss thing.

Week Two: Resist Your Auto-Pilot (this is why you feel undisciplined)

The only reason why you haven't followed through with a program fully or lost momentum is because auto-pilot lured you in with it's comfy couch and soft, fuzzy blanket. Your exhausted and deprived mind couldn't resist the warm and loving embrace of auto-pilot and before you knew it you woke up in a bed wondering how the heck you got there. Or the pantry. After 7 daily practices you will enthusiastically say no to auto-pilot and it will finally understand that no means no.

Week Three: Build Your Confidence (so you always believe in yourself)

The hardest part of joining yet another program is that past experiences have left your confidence battered and bruised. Sort of like an abusive ex-boyfriend. Most people would rather avoid falling in love so they don't get hurt then put themselves in a situation to get hurt.... again. So we need to build your confidence back like a weekend with your girlfriends telling you how freakin awesome you are would. Except we are going to use proven, practical steps that I think you will want to use for the rest of your life.

Week Four: Motivation Mastery (so you become unstoppable)

If you've been telling yourself you lack motivation you are not alone. This is a common complaint I hear from women who are desperate to change their weight and yet, can't understand why they hesitate, procrastinate, and all those other -ate words. These 7 tasks will have you shouting, "nobody puts baby in the corner" from the rooftop. They will also help you feel motivated, inspired, and ready to finally fix years of dysfunction with food and weight

The process is super simple...

Each week you will watch a short video (10-20 minute) and then you will have your tiny, microscopic, barely there daily tasks that will take you 10-20 minutes to complete. It's so super simple, yet incredibly powerful.

And it's designed for the people who always have the best of intentions, yet always feel like they let themselves, and others around them, down.. again.

You can build this skill. I promise. All it takes is a little bit of time. And a little bit of money. And I know you won't regret it.

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